Cr Tony Athanasopoulos

Cr Athanasopoulos was born of two migrant parents from Greece and Italy. They both worked hard to give their three boys the life they envied, and always taught the importance of service. Cr Athanasopoulos now resides and runs a family business in Carnegie with the drive instilled by his parents. He has a partner Katherine who is also his business partner and they both share a position on the Chrisalis Foundation board, a not-for-profit foundation supporting young people with disabilities.

Cr Athanasopoulos imagines a world where people inspire others to achieve their best, and where we nurture one another to achieve excellence. Cr Athanasopoulos wishes to use his vision of the world to establish new foundations for the municipal district of Glen Eira.

Cr Athanasopoulos has attended Head Masters Academy and TMG College — The Malka Group College.

Mobile: 0466 372 816