Council takes action on food waste

Council is taking decisive action on waste across our communities with plans for a landmark food and garden waste collection program.

We are proud to be the first council in Victoria’s south east to introduce a combined food and organic garden waste recycling program at kerbside collection points, which will significantly reduce the amount of household food waste.

The program will incorporate food waste, which makes up nearly half of all household garbage, into our existing fortnightly green waste collection service.

We have been investigating options for the introduction of food waste collection since 2015–16 and planning is now well underway with contracts to be awarded during 2017.

Recycling food waste is an important part of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to a sustainable level and we hope to divert as much as possible of the 30,000 tonnes of food waste currently sent to landfill each year from Glen Eira.

Any Glen Eira household with an existing green waste bin will be able to take part in the program and the combined green waste will be turned into compost or mulch to be used in parks, gardens and farms to improve soil, instead of going to landfill.

As part of the new service, we will also offer a free kitchen caddy to all households upon request. To participate, contact our Service Centre on 9524 3333.