Advocacy wins interim height decision

During 2016–17 we sought interim height controls from the State Government during the development of our structure plans.

In March 2017 the Victorian Minister for Planning approved our application for interim height controls in Bentleigh and Carnegie activity centres.

This was a pleasing result for us as we strongly believe development should be appropriate and aligned to our community’s vision and our determinations should not be overturned by decisions made at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT).

The Minister’s decision will allow the community to fully engage with our structure plan process currently underway, without the distraction of VCAT appeals.

These interim controls will now set mandatory and discretionary height limits on buildings, ranging from three to five storeys in Bentleigh, and four to seven storeys in Carnegie and across all commercially zoned land in Bentleigh and Carnegie activity centres.

The controls will apply while we are undertaking all structure planning work, which we anticipate to have completed by the end of 2017.

It is our understanding that the interim controls will also apply to all current planning applications and those that are pending appeal at VCAT.

We are proud of the outstanding advocacy work by our members during the application process and the subsequent Minister’s decision.

We aim to continue this work in response to community concern for ad hoc development and strong views about height, particularly where development abuts neighbourhood residential and general residential zones.