Council’s Strategic Planning Process

Medium-term planning (three to five years)

Developed and approved by Council in consultation with the community, Council’s Community Plan sets out the direction for the City. The Community Plan is fully integrated with the Strategic Resource Plan, which sets out the long-term financial resources of Council and includes key financial indicators.


Short-term planning (12 months)

The Annual Budget is framed to be consistent with the Strategic Resource Plan to ensure Council can achieve the goals from its yearly Action Plan (derived from the overall Community Plan) sustainably and effectively.



The progress of the Action Plan is reported to Council quarterly and the end of financial year results of achieving Community Plan goals and financial performance, are then reported in Council’s Annual Report.


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Community Plan Goals 2013–2017

The following details all Community Plan goals from Council’s eight key objectives. The eight sections are colour coded to enable easy reference.

Each section shows the performance tables of the Community Plan strategy.


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Father holding young child with headphones on at a music event, Packer Park, Carnegie

Services to support the community
To maintain high quality service standards and deliver universal services that support the community, particularly the needs of families, youth, senior citizens and people with a disability.

Council car park, Bentleigh

Traffic, Parking and Transport
To promote the safe movement of pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic that minimises the impact of traffic and parking on the local amenity and physical environment.

Modern and older homes, Caulfield North

Town planning and development
To manage the rate and extent of change to the built environment consistent with State and local planning policies to achieve a diversity of housing as sympathetic as possible to neighbourhood character.

Kangaroo paw plant

To deliver strong local leadership and governance in an open and responsible manner in the best interests of the community.

Geese, Caulfield Park, Caulfield

Recreation and open space
To enhance recreation facilities and open space to meet current and future needs of the local community.

Elsternwick Plaza, Glenhuntly road, Elsternwick

Waste, Graffiti and Cleanliness
To maintain a safe, clean and attractive City.

Woman holding her dog in her garden

Sustainable Community Assets and infrastructure
To enhance and develop sustainable community assets and infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future generations.

Three male friends at a community event

Community Building and Engagement
To build a strong and connected community that actively participates and engages with Council to improve outcomes for the community.