Cr Nina Taylor

Cr Taylor is trilingual, a lawyer and works for a not-for-profit organisation as part of a long-term commitment to meaningful community engagement.

Cr Taylor’s charitable activities have included providing phone-line legal advice at the Women’s Legal Service to members of the community experiencing domestic violence.

Cr Taylor also has extensive private industry experience involving the promotion of treatment options for chronic disease (diabetes) to medical and allied healthcare professionals working in rural and urban hospitals/clinics and community healthcare centres.

Cr Taylor is passionate about supporting healthy lifestyles in the community, including a broad range of sporting activities for people of all ages. In addition, Cr Taylor has management experience in the promotion of disability services and advocates for an inclusive and supportive community. As a qualified teacher, other priorities for Cr Taylor are equitable access to high quality education, preschool and child care. Cr Taylor’s own commitments are to minimise carbon output involving a focus on public transport usage, energy efficiency and sustainable gardening practices.

Mobile: 0466 372 809